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If you look at so many publications, you might believe it. With our German – Lektors you are guaranteed to avoid unnecessary mistakes!

Why do I need a German Lector ? Nothing is more embarrassing than misprints in publications. Printing errors cause high costs. If you discover them after the release, it’s too late. No matter how many times you read your texts, you will never find any mistakes. Only the eyes of a professionally trained German proofreader can give you the certainty that your texts are really ready for duplication.

How do I recognize a good German Lector ? Anyone can write correctly, but hardly anyone can be perfect. Our editors love the language. They delve into trifles that the untrained proofreader will never notice. Our editors correct texts in their native language. This guarantees best detection rates. In addition, we attach particular importance to the fact that each of our German – Lektoren a suitable training such. B. has a degree in German Studies.

How Expensive Is a German Lector ? If the editor finds a mistake before publishing, it will not cost you anything. What would you cost the complete reprint of a print run? How much do you estimate your image damage? An editor causes low costs and avoids very high unnecessary costs.

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The right German language editor for every country. One of the main arguments for working with translator and is that we can provide you with the appropriate language and field of study in virtually every country worldwide. Our proofreaders work for you in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, England, USA and numerous other countries.

Subject It’s relatively easy to find a good general text editor. For special topics such. As medicine or science, it is already much harder. Each of our proofreaders has expertise in at least one specific topic. We provide you with lecturers with the appropriate expertise for your text. A brief excerpt from the areas we cover: architecture, astrology, audio engineering, auction, foreign trade, automotive, banking, construction, mining, education, biology, biotechnology, accounting, CAD, chemistry, surgery, coaching, direct marketing, detective agency, printing , EDP, Retail, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Food and Beverage, Vehicle Manufacturing, Film, Finance, Fitness, Floristry, Aircraft, Research, Photography, Leisure, Gastronomy, Building Services, Genetic engineering, Geography, German Studies, (Wholesale) Commerce, Handicraft, Hardware, Hobby, Building Construction, Woodworking, Real Estate, Information Technology, Engineering Firm, Internet, Journalism, Law, Cartography, Automotive, Cooking, Cosmetics, Culture, Art, Agriculture, Food, Logistics, Aviation, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Media, Medicine, Stand Construction, Metal Fabrics, Military, Fashion design, Music, Nature, Optics, Pedagogy, Patent, Recruitment, Pharmacy, Politics, Quality control and assurance, Law, Travel, Religion, Restaurant, Rundfu nk, acting, shipbuilding, jewelry, shoes, shopping, software, sociology, sports, textile industry, word processing, theater, theology, civil engineering, animals, animal breeding, TV, environment, entertainment, accommodation, holiday, association, sale, publishing, transport, Insurance, sales, (public) administration, web design, wellness, advertising, economics, dental technology, journal.

Where do you speak German? German is currently the official language in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein. German is also widely used in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Holland, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the USA.

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