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No matter which language combination, which discipline, no matter what interpretation type, which place and at what time! Due to the large number of our interpreters, we can quickly and cost-effectively recommend the right contractor.

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In a very confusing market, we offer you the opportunity to request several interpreter offers with one request. Our service not only saves you time, but also leads to significantly cheaper deals.

How do I recognize a good Italian interpreter?

We vouch for the quality and training of each mediated Italian interpreter. All our interpreters work on the one hand in their native language. For the other language, the following rule applies to all our Italian interpreters: Everyone has lived for several years in a country of the target language. So he not only masters the language perfectly, but also knows the mentality, history and culture of the people in question. All our cooperation partners have high-quality, suitable training and several years of professional experience. We do not employ any casual interpreters or students. The appearance of an interpreter is also crucial to the success of your conversation. All our Italian interpreters have a neat appearance (see profile pictures) as well as safe manners.

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The right Italian interpreter for every country No matter what country, we’ll find the right interpreter for you! We work together with professional diploma interpreters and in the following countries: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, France, England, Spain, Ireland, USA, Norway, Finland and many more …

The right interpreter for each discipline Today’s life brings with it a multitude of highly specialized topics. No Italian interpreter can handle any specialized vocabulary. Each of our interpreters, however, masters different disciplines. We will find the right one, no matter which discipline!

Our Italian interpreters work in the following fields: plant construction, architecture, astrology, audio engineering, foreign trade, automotive, bank, construction, funeral, mining, education, biology, accounting, CAD, chemistry, Surgery, Coaching, Computers, Direct Marketing, Detective agency, Printer, EDP, Retail, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Food and drink, Vehicle manufacturing, Film, Finances, Fitness, Floristry, Aircraft construction, Research, Photography, Leisure, Gastronomy, Building Services, Genetic engineering, Geography , German, Health, (Wholesale) Trade, Hardware, Hobby, Building Construction, Woodworking, Real Estate, Industry, Engineering Firm, Journalism, Law, Cartography, Automotive, Children, Cooking, Cosmetics, Culture, Art, Food, Logistics, Aviation, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Exhibition Construction, Metal Fabrication, Military, Fashion Design, Multimedia, Music, Nature, Education, Patent, Recruitment, Pharmacy, Politics, Quality Control, Law, Rice en, restaurant, broadcasting, rehabilitation, acting, shipbuilding, jewelery, shopping, software, sociology, sports, tax consultancy, word processing, theater, theology, civil engineering, animals, animal breeding, tourism, TV, environment, entertainment, vacation, association, sale, Publishing, transport, rental, insurance, distribution, web design, wellness, advertising, business, dental, journal and many more.

Operation and location

We provide Italian interpreters in all four typical variations: simultaneous interpreter (real time), consecutive interpreter (time delayed), conference interpreter (real time) and negotiation interpreter. You specify the place of use as part of your inquiry. Depending on the place of use, there are different additional costs such as travel, meals and accommodation.

Translax24 offers you interpreters for the following language combinations:

German-Italian / Italian-German, Spanish-Italian / Italian-Spanish, French-Italian / Italian-French, English-Italian / Italian-English, Albanian-Italian / Italian-Albanian, Arabic Italian / Italian-Arabic, Bosnian-Italian / Italian-Bosnian, Bulgarian -Italian / Italian-Bulgarian, Chinese-Italian / Italian-Chinese, Danish-Italian / Italian-Danish, Estonian-Italian / Italian-Estonian, Finnish-Italian / Italian-Finnish, Greek-Italian / Italian-Greek, Hebrew-Italian / Italian-Hebrew, Dutch-Italian / Italian-Dutch, Indian-Italian / Italian Indian, Japanese-Italian / Italian-Japanese, Korean-Italian / Italian-Korean, Croatian-Italian / Italian-Croatian, Latvian-Italian / Italian-Latvian, Lita Ui-Italian / Italian-Lithuanian, Malay-Italian / Malay-Italian, Norwegian -Italian / Italian-Norwegian, Polish-Italian / Italian-Polish, Portuguese-Italian / Italian Portuguese, Romanian-Italian / Italian-Romanian, Russian-Italian / Italian-Russian, Serbian-Italian / Italian-Serbian, Slovak-Italian / Italian-Slovak, Thai-Italian / Italian-Thai, Czech-Italian / Italian-Czech Turkish-Italian / Italian-Turkish, Ukrainian-Italian / Italian-Ukrainian, Hungarian-Italian / Italian-Hungarian, Vietnamese-Italian / Italian-Vietnamese and several other languages.

Where do you speak Italian?

Italian is currently the official language in the following countries: Italy, Croatia (Istria), San Marino, Vatican City and parts of Switzerland and France. Italian is also widely spoken in the US

A good Italian interpreter will help you to get the facts right in critical situations. He is the link between you and your business partners.

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