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It has to be completely error free. We promise you the right Italian – Lektor!

Why do I need an Italian Lector ? Misprints throw a bad light on your business. They cause high and unnecessary costs if they are sought after the adulteration. You can read your Italian texts as often as you like, but you will not see a few mistakes. Only when the text is checked by the eyes of another person, a trained Italian – Lektor, also the probability of a printing error becomes avoidable.

What sets a good Italian Lector apart? All our proofreaders proofread the texts in their native language. Only then are the highest possible detection rates possible. Each lecturer has a professional work experience and special fields. We vouch for the proper education of every Italian language teacher.

How much does an Italian Lector cost me ? That’s exactly the wrong question. Many clients see only the costs that an Italian editor causes. An Italian proofreader is the insurance for your texts.

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The right Italian Lector for each country We can quickly and easily find the right local Lector for almost any country. Our proofreaders work for you in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the USA and many other countries.

Subject When it comes to really perfect expression and language, the dictionary is very good. A short excerpt from the specialist literature: plant construction, job placement, architecture, astrology, audio engineering, auction, foreign trade, automobile, bank, construction, funeral, mining, chemistry, biotechnology, accounting, CAD, chemistry, surgery, computer design, direct marketing, detective agency, Printing, IT, Retail, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Power engineering, Food and drink, Vehicle construction, Film, Finance, Fitness, Floristry, Research, Training, Photography, Leisure, Gastronomy, Building Services, Genetic Engineering, Geography, German Studies, Health, (large) Trade, craft, hardware, hobby, building construction.

In which countries does one speak Italian? Italian is currently available in the following countries Official language: Italy, Croatia (Istria), San Marino, Vatican City also in parts of Switzerland and France. Often Italian is spoken in the USA.

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