Languages and countries


The following languages are the most popular of our customers.

Basically, we offer translations, proofreading and interpreting in any language combination. If necessary, we select specially trained specialist translators with appropriate diplomas.

(In brackets shows the most popular language combinations)

  • Albanian (Albanian-German, German-Albanian, Albanian-English)
  • Arabic (Arabic-German, German-Arabic, English-Arabic)
  •  Bulgarian (Bulgarian-German, German-Bulgarian)
  • Czech (German-Czech, Czech-German)
  • Chinese (German-Chinese, Chinese-German)
  • Croatian (German-Croatian, Croatian-German)
  • Danish (Danish-German, German-Danish, Danish-English)
  • Hebrew (German-Hebrew, Hebrew-German)
  • Finnish (German-Finnish, Finnish-German, English-Finnish)
  • French (CH) (German-French, French-German)
  • French (FR) (German-French, French-German)
  • Jappanisch (German-Jappan, Jappan-German)
  • English (GB) (German-English, English-German)
  • English (USA) (German-English, English-German)
  • Italian (CH) (German-Italian, Italian-German)
  • Italian (IT) (German-Italian, Italian-German)
  • Latvian (German-Latvian, Latvian-German, French-Latvian)
  • Littau (German-Littau, Littau-German)
  • Norwegian (German-Norwegian, Norwegian-German)
  • Dutch (German-Dutch, Dutch-German)
  • Polish (German-Polish, Polish-German, English-Polish)
  • Portuguese (PT) (German-Portuguese, Portuguese-German)
  • Portuguese (BR) (German-Portuguese, Portuguese-German)
  • Romanian (German-Romanian, Romanian-German)
  • Russian (German-Russian, Russian-German)
  • Serbian (German-Serbian, Serbian-German, French-Serbian)
  • Slovak (German-Slovak, Slovak-German)
  • Slovenian (German-Slovenian, Slovenian-German)
  • Spanish (German-Spanish, Spanish-German)
  • Swedish (German-Swedish, Swedish-German)
  •  German (CH) (German-French, French-German)
  • German (DE) (German-French, French-German)
  • Turkish (German-Turkish, Turkish-German, English-Turkish)
  • Ukrainian (German-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-German)
  • Hungarian (German-Hungarian, Hungarian-German)

It is also possible to get an offer for other languages.

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